What is the first thing you think of when you hear the term GLEAUX?

28152466_107418803420912_2534275255782866944_nMost people think of the word the term glow that is associated with sunshine, diamonds, campfires, or even neon glow in the dark sticks. Some of you may even think of the new Netflix movie “Glow” with Alison Brie as the main character Ruth with all that glitter and spandex! When I hear GLEAUX I instantly think of Southern Louisiana and Cajun dialect and it becomes a six-letter acronym:

G- growth

L- life

E- eagerness

A- ambition

U- uniqueness

X- xenodochial-ness.

Each of these terms in the acronym GLEAUX will be explained in deeper detail over the course of the next few months. Stay tuned

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