Intro to Gleaux

Hi, my name is Makhia, the CEO of GLEAUX Apparel. I am a self-proclaimed cookie and cake connoisseur, an volleyball player and talented art student at my high school. I’m kind of shy and reserved, but I have always wanted to inspire people without actually having to say much to them; so I came up with the perfect idea to create my own line of positive self-awareness apparel that will help boost young teens and tween or really anyone’s self-confidence.

28151165_156052845098400_5718461947729412096_n(1)You can do anything you put your mind to so why not #choose2GLEAUX??? #gleauxapparel #youGLEAUXgirl#gleauxing #shining #tshirt #tshirtdesign#apparel #clothing #clothingline

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