Growing and Gleauxing by Courtney Clemons

I was at a job, underpaid & unappreciated.  I put myself in harm’s way to please my boss and that still wasn’t enough.  Working late hours, just to be back first thing in the morning, missing out on my child activities as well as my husband.  There wasn’t any me time. Even my health was decreasing, I wanted different I needed different.

Then came Herbalife.  My entire mindset was changed. Within weeks of being around positive people, my “GROWTH” became phenomenal.  I lost 29lbs! I was no longer taking blood pressure medication, income is where I needed it & honestly right on time. Most importantly I’m able to do exactly what Ms. Makhia doing helping others, express my journey through my growth.  I was going from job to job, risking going back under with my health. I wasn’t confident with ME, I gave up over and over again. But now I’m better–> better than ever!

Here is what GLEAUX means to me‼️






X– Xenodochial (I learned this word from Makhia. It means to be kind to strangers… I have been xenodochial all my life– How about that!?!) LOL

F436FC3D-F794-41E3-89F8-BD288BE8C464Meet the guest author & GLEAUX Ambassadors, Courtney Clemons (& her charismatic daughter Chloe). Courtney exudes everything GLEAUX is about. She’ s growing, living, and gleauxing every day. Follow her story here. If you are interested in joining here and the #herbgang visit her site.


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