The Setup…

So we all know that a lot of children have a major dislike for school. Scratch that… I will make it a little more personal–> I HATE SCHOOL! Seriously! I know and understand how much education is needed and the main goals, objectives, and yata yata yata (<– Exhibit A: This is a Prime example of why we actually need school. This probably isn’t a real word and if it is, I’m sure that it is spelled wrong LOL).

I get all of that, but why though? Just why?

In my last post, I talked about my parents trying to use everything in life as a teaching moment. In October 2017, they (the parents) said, “we’re going to sign you up in this business class that the Ruston Chamber of Commerce is offering”. I was blown away. They already know how I feel about school. They were really tripping. At the risk of repeating myself, I will say this again… I HATE SCHOOL! They know good and well that I don’t like to do stuff outside of my comfort zone on top my upper-level dislike for anything dealing with people, education, books, pens… just anything even school-like is just not enjoyable.

They begin to tell me more about the program and how I would have to go to class once a week on a Thursday evening from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Now, what now?!? I was considering admitted them to the psychiatric ward by then. They had to be 2 donuts short of a dozen. They were seriously losing their minds, but they had already signed me up and not asking me for my opinion… they were just giving me the head up!

28151165_156052845098400_5718461947729412096_n(1)OMG! This is crazy and they– the parents, are too!

I was already forced to go to regular school Monday through Friday for 8 whole hours, not including extracurricular activities. Then they added an extra three more hours to my Thursdays. This “business program” was starting to sound like a fancy way of saying a school that ISN’T for a grade! I was not about to have that, but they said so and I went with it.

This is the beginning of the beginning, but it was sort of like a setup…

Stay tuned to read up on the rest of this journey– it’s a wild one!


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