Wheels Up!

May 1st, 2018

Ruston, LA

Today I leave for the Saunders Scholars competition in Rochester, New York. We left home around 8pm and headed to Dallas to spend the night and catch the 6 AM bus to the airport. It took almost 5 hours to get to Dallas from our house. My dad is NOT a fan of driving in the city so my stepmom drove from Shreveport all the way to Dallas. She was ok with it as long as she could turn the music up really loud and listen to Aha Gazelle and Tamar Braxton on repeat! I really just slept the whole time. We made it in a little after 12 AM and stayed the night at Sleep Inn DFW hotel until the morning because it was near the airport.

I hated to get up! The long ride way draining, but I had to do it. The shuttle took us to the airport. The driver drove super fast and all crazy. I guess that’s why my daddy doesn’t ever want to move to Texas. He does NOT like fast driving and a lot of lanes on the roadway.

Airport security is stressful. My parents had to take their shoes off and I had to trash my $40 lotion and perfume. That was a real bummer. Once we made it through security, the adrenaline started to kick in. It’s only my second time flying, but I was really excited to get on a plane again. Wheels up, and we are off… next stop, Chicago! 

We hopped off the first plane and had 20 minutes to find the next terminal to catch our connector flight. As we speed walked through the airport I saw tons of Chinese people. I have seen them before, but not so many all in one place at one time. We began to walk even faster as we realized the 20 minutes we had did not include loading time. I was tired and out of breath, but we made it just in time. They had already begun loading the plane when we made it. This plane was much smaller than the first one. I could feel every twist, turn, and bump. It was a lot of turbulence.

img_0732When we got to Rochester we were not able to land. Another plane was too far over the line or something. We had to loop around 5 times before we could land. My stepmom was terrified. It was her first time flying. She thought we would run out of fuel. We landed she yelped, “momma I made it!”. That was so funny and embarrassing. We got our bags and headed to shuttle pick up. The driver told us that it would take 30 minutes to get to the hotel, but it was literally 15 or less. When we arrived, my daddy tipped the driver for being so nice and being our “intro to Rochester” tour guide on the ride to the hotel. The hotel is beautiful and tall. Suddenly I felt a rush over me… this is definitely the start of something really amazing.

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