Today is the day that I, Makhia Mamon, do something I have never done before… and I am super nervous and excited all at the same time.

I’m officially a pageant girl! Tonight at 7 PM, it’s showtime. I  will participate in my very first pageant. I feel like it has opened my eyes a little to see some things I may have never noticed before. GLEAUX girl

I have to actually dance, speak, model smile until my cheeks hurt, and answer random questions in front of a large audience… that is freaking me out! I’ve had some good coaching and practice time so wish me luck tonight!

Takeaway: Growing is to become larger or to evolve, to rise, expand, advance, develop, etc. Choose to grow in every way possible. If you can imagine it, you can do it, just try and you are already halfway there! #youGLEAUXgirl #GROWgirl

This rollercoaster of life just keeps me in suspense… this is secretly kind of fun… shhhhh don’t tell anyone! LOL

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