The Setup…

So we all know that a lot of children have a major dislike for school. Scratch that… I will make it a little more personal–> I HATE SCHOOL! Seriously! I know and understand how much education is needed and the main goals, objectives, and yata yata yata (<– Exhibit A: This is a Prime example of why we actually need school. This probably isn’t a real word and if it is, I’m sure that it is spelled wrong LOL).

I get all of that, but why though? Just why?

In my last post, I talked about my parents trying to use everything in life as a teaching moment. In October 2017, they (the parents) said, “we’re going to sign you up in this business class that the Ruston Chamber of Commerce is offering”. I was blown away. They already know how I feel about school. They were really tripping. At the risk of repeating myself, I will say this again… I HATE SCHOOL! They know good and well that I don’t like to do stuff outside of my comfort zone on top my upper-level dislike for anything dealing with people, education, books, pens… just anything even school-like is just not enjoyable.

They begin to tell me more about the program and how I would have to go to class once a week on a Thursday evening from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Now, what now?!? I was considering admitted them to the psychiatric ward by then. They had to be 2 donuts short of a dozen. They were seriously losing their minds, but they had already signed me up and not asking me for my opinion… they were just giving me the head up!

28151165_156052845098400_5718461947729412096_n(1)OMG! This is crazy and they– the parents, are too!

I was already forced to go to regular school Monday through Friday for 8 whole hours, not including extracurricular activities. Then they added an extra three more hours to my Thursdays. This “business program” was starting to sound like a fancy way of saying a school that ISN’T for a grade! I was not about to have that, but they said so and I went with it.

This is the beginning of the beginning, but it was sort of like a setup…

Stay tuned to read up on the rest of this journey– it’s a wild one!


Growing and Gleauxing by Courtney Clemons

I was at a job, underpaid & unappreciated.  I put myself in harm’s way to please my boss and that still wasn’t enough.  Working late hours, just to be back first thing in the morning, missing out on my child activities as well as my husband.  There wasn’t any me time. Even my health was decreasing, I wanted different I needed different.

Then came Herbalife.  My entire mindset was changed. Within weeks of being around positive people, my “GROWTH” became phenomenal.  I lost 29lbs! I was no longer taking blood pressure medication, income is where I needed it & honestly right on time. Most importantly I’m able to do exactly what Ms. Makhia doing helping others, express my journey through my growth.  I was going from job to job, risking going back under with my health. I wasn’t confident with ME, I gave up over and over again. But now I’m better–> better than ever!

Here is what GLEAUX means to me‼️






X– Xenodochial (I learned this word from Makhia. It means to be kind to strangers… I have been xenodochial all my life– How about that!?!) LOL

F436FC3D-F794-41E3-89F8-BD288BE8C464Meet the guest author & GLEAUX Ambassadors, Courtney Clemons (& her charismatic daughter Chloe). Courtney exudes everything GLEAUX is about. She’ s growing, living, and gleauxing every day. Follow her story here. If you are interested in joining here and the #herbgang visit her site.


Great Things Never Came From Comfort Zones

Life has a funny way of showing you things. I have seen some things in my day and can say first hand that it all is worth it and has a purpose so hang in there my friend.

In 2015, I made a major move from Arizona back to the quaintest town ever… Ruston, Louisiana. I came back to Ruston to live with my daddy and stepmom. My tween years have been all over the place. It’s like I was on the Texas Giant at Six Flags over Texas and I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a fun ride or if I was going to plummet to the ground being that the ride looked as if it was made from the oldest pieces of wood ever. The cracking and groaning sound it made as we got higher and higher did not help much either. My imagination had already put me in the hospital in critical condition. I was freaking completely out.

My parents tried to get me to do everything. When I say everything, I mean everything.

Dukes (that’s what I call my stepmoms… you know– like mommaDukes) would always ask if I was going out for cheer or dance. Daddy would tell me to go to all tryouts because,

“you have to at least try!” – Daddy

Do you think they even cared that I had no interest in any of these things? Uh, nope! I didn’t really like to do anything. Even though I didn’t WANT to do ANYTHING, I tried it all anyway. Girly things associated with school did not see me or my shadow. I stayed faaarrrrr away. Basketball was a complete flop! I hung in there and tried out, but umm no… that was not for me. I went out for softball. To be honest, it was really fun until I a one-hop hit me square between the eyes and left me with two shiners that I walked around with for a whole month! I was kind of over it, but I finished the season, and it was fun, but yea– no. Volleyball, now that’s another story. Volley was amazing. A complete success. It was so fun I stuck with it and plan to try out again for next year. Junior high track never saw me either. I made sure to steer clear of that until now. Yup, they got me. I tried out and now I am a javelin thrower. It is only my first year, but its pretty great and I will try for this again next year.

Parents have a weirdly insane way of knowing what’s best for us and try to steer us in the right direction more often than none. Us kids have an even weirder way of fighting them about it every step of the way. I know, I know, I am only 15, but I feel like I have experienced a lot. Nine times out of nine, the old peeps (parents) have a purpose for the things they say, do or push us into. We need to take a second to listen, receive the message, and act on it.

When Dj Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince said,

Parent’s just don’t understand!

I felt that… LOL, but look at them now! Hmmmm…


What’s in a Name?

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the term GLEAUX?

Most people think of the term glow that is associated with sunshine, diamonds, campfires, or even neon glow in the dark sticks. Some of you may even think of the new Netflix movie “Glow” with Alison Brie as the main character Ruth with all that glitter and spandex! When I hear GLEAUX I instantly think of Southern Louisiana and Cajun dialect and it becomes a six-letter acronym:

G: growth

L: life

E: eagerness

A: ambition

U: uniqueness

X: xenodochial-ness

Each of these terms in the acronym GLEAUX will be explained in deeper detail over the course of the next few months. Stay tuned

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Intro to Gleaux

Hi, my name is Makhia, the CEO of GLEAUX Apparel. I am a self-proclaimed cookie and cake connoisseur, an volleyball player and talented art student at my high school. I’m kind of shy and reserved, but I have always wanted to inspire people without actually having to say much to them; so I came up with the perfect idea to create my own line of positive self-awareness apparel that will help boost young teens and tween or really anyone’s self-confidence.

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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton